Kitsun� means �fox� in Japanese. This compilation could have been called �lair�. Press Play, try to restrain from playing it too loud, Thanks for the neighbours. Simian Mobile Disco, to start with a flooooooourish. Pump up the volume. No, keep it down. Try to keep it down. You just can�t keep it down. James Ford, from Simian Mobile Disco, is currently producing everybody, like Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys. He�s, as they say in a �creative phase� � and it sounds so. The Lovely Feathers, to go on with a little bit of madness and eccentricity, without carbon dioxide. A guy who could have become a priest has written that �rarely can be found such a music which represents the whole canopy of life with such clarity and tragic smiles�. He is right. The Whip, honestly, honestly, honestly, this track is called �Trash� and they come from Manchester. You know the phrase : � Big In Japan ? � Well, here it�s � Big in UK �. This band is the epitome of the English � new rave scene �. We could have quoted the NME about them, but it would have sound like a clich�. Fox n Wolf, now, what a coincidence ! This Swedish group is a couple who really think they are animals. They smell each other�s privates before going onstage to add some sexual je ne sais quoi. Fox n Wolf, as for margarine, it�s consumers who talk best about them : � I have a hard time going to concerts ever since I saw Fox n' Wolf. It's because they are raw party, living death, wild animals, and nothing else compares to them. No other band has left an impression on me like they have done. � Klaxons. Yes, they are the spearheads of the new sound Made in UK. This is a remix by Australians Van She. Punk guitars and scary rave keyboards. FreeForm Five, Anu Pillai�s group, he wants to drive back home with you. With you. This is where our lawyers demand that we specify that an excessive sound level can damage your hearing. Boys Noize, he�s not only the best remixer in the world, but he can make his own bombs. Help ! Help ! Gossip, remixed by Soulwax, a very mean piece. Gossip is familiar to the girls who follow Soni Youth�s tours. Kim Gordon is a friend. Gossip, it�s Gossip who talk best about them : � Gossip is young + full of blood. We are a punk band consisting of 3. We are interested in art, change, the underground, dancing, fashion, punk history, crime and movements. We will never die. We are artists, poets, cooks, writers, feminists, designers, musicians & djs. This is life dedication to action, passion & drive. � They come from Arkansas and Washington and they�re going to turn you upside down. Alex Gopher, active member of Superdiscount in one of his most epic and fearless works. Gildas and Masaya of Kitsun� have tested it for you : it�s their most efficient �dancefloor filler�. (By the way, Gildas&Masaya will be at the Transmusicales de Rennes on December 9, with Digitalism, Justice and MSTRKRFT ) The World Domination, a group whose name flatters our vilest megalomaniac instincts. The track is produced by � again � Adamsky, the idol from our teenage years. The chorus goes Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah. That�s a good one and people who remain sane can thus go work on oil platforms in the North Sea in winter, because nothing will ever drive them insane. Now, it�s time for Dead Disco. Until now, that was sharp. Let�s face it, now, it�s no longer sharp, it�s hyper-hip. Remixed by Metronomy, the sharpest hyper hip sharp guy. Better not know what it is because it�s really awfully hyper sharp. This is the time when you feel this compilation needs Australians. We all love Australia. We all love Australians. Thus, The Valentinos are everything we love. The bridge is demonish. That�s the music from after the ozone layer. The Valentinos ! Mind my word ! They�ll go far ! Oh No ! Oh My ! Months of cruising to get this piece. Like if there was a one cent tax on each email sent, we would pay the national debt of one or two countries. Eight months negotiating. A fierce lawyer in NYC. But it was all worth it, even though we could have written a movie, a sequel and a prequel during that time. Yep, worth it. We�re still stunned at how worth it was. The Whitest Boy Alive, music like aspirin. To go to bed. With several people (your choice of gender). Just before it starts to smell musky just the way we like. After one minute, you get an hidden track. A ghost track. Because the house of Kistun� has to be haunted. Who�s under the white sheet this time ? An exclusive Kitsun� remix : Digitalism par Digitalism, the music they were listening to in the ambulance taking Marylin Monroe�s body to the morgue. No, just kidding. No, not really.
VARIOUS ARTISTS Maison Compilation 3
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A1. Gossip – Standing in the way of Control Soulwax Ni
A2. Fox n’ Wolf – Youth Alcoholic
A3. Alex Gopher – Motorcycle (Wet Clutch short edit)
B1. Simian Mobile Disco – I believe
B2. The Whip – Trash
B3. Freeform Five – Home Wit U
C1. Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow Van She Remix
C2. Boys Noize – Feel Good (TV=Off)
C3. Dead Disco – The Treatment Metronomy Remix
D1. The World Domination meets A.Sky– Galactic Lover
D2. The Valentinos – Kafka ! Bag Raiders How’d Ya like
D3. Digitalism - Zdarlight Paranoid Asteroid mix