First single of English synth-melodic pop band CHEW LiPS on Kitsuné. With remixes of Tepr and David Sugar. There is nothing quite usual about Chew Lips. Not their way of making music, or their live shows, or indeed, their inception. When the vocalist Tigs and multi-instrumentalists James Watkins and Will McDonald decided to start making music together they had only one edict: not to sound like Just Another Guitar Band. The result was the organic and purely accidental evolution of their current, electronically enhanced sound Every song sounds like it could be a planet-bestriding, galaxy swallowing pop smash, with Will and James’ gorgeously whirling and mutating Casiotone/guitar/bass/drum machine attack providing the perfect backdrop when the amazing frontwoman Tigs’s voice soars, swoops and dips precipitously and smoulders beautifully. With their first single Solo on Kitsuné, Chew Lips alternately capture the yearning, impatience, beauty, confusion and impermanence of youth, with Tigs summing up the hopes and dreams of a whole generation with the fist-pumping battlecry of “we don’t want to wait, there’s no time, no time”. This is pop music alright, but pop with a gloriously vivid, almost cinematic sweep; as well as a human heart, filled with a very real sense of longing and desire, in amidst the shiny, clattering electronica. French producer Tepr, well known for his remix of Yelle « A Cause des Garçons », has made of the song a dancefloor anthem while David Sugar smoothly delivers an uplifted version of the track.
Format : 12"
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A1. Solo
B1. Tepr remix
B2. David Sugar s Mousehole mix
Z1. All Tracks