Kitsun� kicks off 2009 with a melodic and romantic gem, remixed by New York legend Todd Edwards and Californian avant-garde artistes Acid Girls. Praised for their unconventional opening sets for Cat Power, Appaloosa is born from the chance encounter of a London-based producer from Berlin and a French globe-trotter recently returned to Paris. Together they have written the ultimate "chanson d'amour" presented here with a raft of stylish remixes. Todd Edwards, the living house legend, offers an enrapturing and mystical rework of the original track. A house groove and a heavenly touch propel us into ecstasy. Acid Girls paints the song in loud fluorescent colours and rips it up in an explosive finale. Finally, Appaloosa's own dub version extends the experience with a burst of free poetry, an offering which brings to mind The Orb's nebulous reveries
APPALOOSA The Day We Fell In Love
Format : 12"
Price : 7 €
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A1. Original Mix
(0.83 €)
A2. Sis-Mix
(0.83 €)
B1. Todd Edwards Liturgical Mix
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B2. Acid Girls Wept Remix
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Z1. All Tracks
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Z4. All Tracks