Pogo features Digitalism s trademark synth-saturated production & live drums, but they ve introduced some New Order-esque guitars & Jen Moelle from the band singing vocals. These remixes of Pogo come courtesy of CSS, Hey Today!, Beni (Riot In Belgium) and Digitalism themselves. There are loads of rock bands making music for the dancefloor. Digitalism make electronic music that everyone can rock to - they are part of a new breed of producers leading the renaissance in electronic music reinvigorating and uniting the indie and dance scenes. After their sell out dates last year, Hamburg s hard working digital duo continue to troop the globe with even bigger tours at even bigger venues before hitting the festival circuit. The pace never lets up, as befits good club music - and, crucially, good rock music, too. For Digitalism straddle both worlds, referencing both their pasts and their presents playfully and brilliantly - The Guardian.
DIGITALISM Pogo Remixes 2008
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A1. Digitalim s Pogo Robotic Remix
A2. C.S.S. remix
B1. Hey Today! Remix
B2. Beni s Re Edit Re Work Re Mix