Streetlife DJs have teamed up with Parisian label Kitsuné to release their first single Gunn Crime, a huge club stormer built on Mancini’s infamous “Theme of Peter Gunn”. Stewart Rowell & Louis Gaston are otherwise known as the Streetlife DJs with over 30 years turntable experience between them, and a blatant disregard for music genres! “The rules are, there are no rules!” They add samples, accapellas & sound fx to the equation. Compliment that with some of the most cutting edge electronic dance and alternative and the result is something exciting and very refreshing. The genre breaking sound is causing quite a stir at the “ Streetlife Sessions “ room at Together London night. Gunn Crime is a from the “Theme of Peter Gunn” composed by Henry Mancini popularized in the 80’s with The Art of Noise feat Duane Eddy hit. Their interpretation is a huge dancefloor anthem which takes the amiably sloppy original theme and tightens it up, tweaking the tempo to suitably dancefloor-friendly proportions and throwing in a few choice edits to yield optimum results. The release features a groovy disco dub and a soundsystem mix by the Streetlife Djs themselves.
Format : 12"
Price : 7 €
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A1. Original
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B1. Cut N Run dub
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B2. Streetlife Soundsystem mix
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U1. Tekno Rtemix
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U2. Radio edit
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Z1. All Tracks
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