Consisting of three lovely French 20-somethings, lead singer Quentin Delafon, guitarist / synth man Dorian Dumont and bassist Michael Szpiner, The Teenagers are a band that could have only come from Paris. Their sound is built around a backbone of golden pop melodies, with a penchant for leftfield visioning - all enveloped in a sardonic wit and lingering Sofia Coppola soft focus. They are easily one of the most intriguing and unique musical properties to tease us in 2007. Similar to naughty filthy mouthed teenagers – ‘Homecoming’ off the new single, is full of foul innuendoes and lyrics that would make Serge Gainsbourg blush. With its nonchalant and biting humour, ‘Homecoming’ is a 21st Century ‘Summer Loving’ set to a sleazy lo fi French pop backround ; a wash with guitar hooks and soaring electro synth riffs. Now released on Kitsuné , the label that helped launch the careers of Klaxons and Crystal Castles, The Teenagers Homecoming is set to be huge in clubs too. Thanks to the monster it became under Guns N’ Bombs remix work : already a club hit from both sides of the Atlantic. The Parisian vibe is added by the young producers Gentlemen Drivers and NYC is bringing its filthy prog house vibe through Passions synths.
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A1. Gentleman Drivers Rave mix
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A2. Guns N Bombs 1966 XTC remix
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