We all love Australia. We all love Australians. Thus, Lost Valentinos are everything we love.Thatâlls the music from after the ozone layer. The Valentinos ! Mind my word ! Theyâll go far ! Featuring world-class remixes by renowned peers Van She Tech, Bang Gang, Bagraiders, (the bridge is demonish ) Knife Machine and Comets â this EP is designed to make you get your party on. Check it out before your friends do, so you can say you knew Lost Valentinos way before they were famous and all that shit...
LOS VALENTINOS Miles From Nowhere Ep
Format : 12"
Price : 7 €
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A1. Kafka (Bag Raiders WhatY All Kno Bout Seven Remix)
(0.83 €)
A2. CCTV ( Bang gang VS Van She Tech Remix)
(0.83 €)
A3. Nightmoves (Knife Machine remix)
(0.83 €)
A4. NightMoves (Comets remix)
(0.83 €)
A5. All Tracks
(2.5 €)