Guns'n'Bombs is made up of Filip Nikolic aka Turbotito, a profilic musician (whose music projects include Ima Robot, Ludo X, and Junior Senior) and Johnny Love (one of Chicago™ most notorious party promoters and DJs). During one party, they bonded over mutual love of early rave, minimal techno, Chicago jack, acid tracks, and the Cybernetic Broadcasting System. Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere is a vocal track mixing all these influences leading to an apocalyptical path through rhythm. Crossover Appeal is instrumental but strong as : let the rhythm hit them ! Robot music for daft punks. Dirty Sounds from L.A. via Chicago = mosh on the dancefloor !
GUNS N BOMBS Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere
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A1. Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere
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A2. Crossover Appeal
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A3. All Tracks
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