The mysterious Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya release their first single with remixes by CSS, Yuksek&Brodinski and the infamous Iggor Cavalera as MixHell. Pop and rough dance machines. We don’t know much about Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya. We know that it didn’t take long until Bitchee and Ya Ya Ya - the two members of the band - caught everybody’s attention in the “blogosphere”. Despite this growing success, they have been able to maintain the mystery around them and their identity. They apparently met in the U.K. They are said to be in Paris recording in one of their friends’ studio. Being compared to “dance machines”, Fuck Friend is easily recognisable thanks to their enormous sounds between lo-fi and post-punk, metronomic distorted drums, some vintage keyboards, very heavy bass lines, and Bitchee’s crystal-like voice singing melodies inspired by what they call “candy-pop music”, meaning cute songs sang by cute people… F**k Friend has been remixed by Brodinsky & Yuksek, Mixhell (aka Iggor Cavalera from Sepultura !) and CSS. Dance machine is the word !
Format : MP3
1.Original(0.99 €)
2.Yuksek & Brodinski remix(0.99 €)
3.CSS remix(0.99 €)
4.MixHell and Max Blum Remix(0.99 €)
5.All Tracks(2.99 €)
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