Ted & Francis: What happens when two suburban Australian boys meet at a young age and bond over a shared love for all things polar and new order bass lines, all at once? They decide they must add '&' into the equation to form a union between their alias names, of course. T&F (as they are known for short) present a world where introspective pop never seemed so exciting, clearly visible in their live show. With this EP release through Kitsune, plans for 'mega-rad' tours, plus an album in the works, the sweet cuddly lure of Ted & Francis will win over the most synical of us all. Meet Ted & Francis, the epitome of arctic cool. With an aim to present futuristic tropical pop to the world they are one band not to be missed, especially for the lovers of partnerships in any type/form/shape or height.
TED AND FRANCIS Ted And Francis Ep
Format : MP3
1.Erlend(0.99 €)
2.Think About Enough(0.99 €)
3.Livings Lost(0.99 €)
4.I Wish I Was A Polar Bear(0.99 €)
5.All Tracks(2.99 €)
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